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Zoo Elephant Welfare Study Findings

Presentations from Zoo Elephant Welfare webinar on November 6, 2013.


This page contains the videos of the Zoo Elephant Welfare presentations. On November 6, 2013 a webinar was held in which the findings from the Zoo Elephant Welfare study were presented. This webinar was a continuous 2 hour session where 8 presentations were given. These presentations are presented below as 8 separate videos for the viewer's convenience. They are in the order they were presented from left to right. It is recommended that Cheryl's Meehan's talk be watched prior to watching those that follow hers to provide context. Click on the photo of the presenter to launch the video.

The Presenters

From the Elephant's Perspective

Anne Baker

Using Science to Understand Zoo Elephant Welfare

Cheryl Meehan

Zoo Elephant Reproductive Hormones

Janine Brown
Are Zoo Elephants Too Thin? Too Fat? or Just Right?
Kari Morfeld
Using GPS to study factors affecting zoo elephant walking rate and recumbence rate
Matthew Holdgate

Musculoskeletal and Foot Health as Welfare Indicators in Elephants

Jill Mellen

The Days and Nights of Zoo Elephants

Brian Greco

So, what does this all mean and where do we go from here?

Mike Keele